Tree Rescue at the Kitty Cottage

posted by Rescue Blog @ 1:24pm, Thursday 28 July 2016.

Once again we have had adventures at the Kitty Cottage. A kitty ended up in the backyard of the Kitty Cottage and went up a large tree. No amount of coaxing, begging, food offering, or attempts to climb the tree worked. The poor thing cried and cried but would go higher in the tree if we got close. Traps were set for two days but no luck. It was so hot we worried about dehydration but this kitty wasn't making this easy! She would lay in a fork to sleep. Finally, day three she had enough of the tree and a hungry belly. She went in the trap!!! :) We fully expected a feral cat but ended up with a very thin but very loving girl. She is so happy to have all the comforts and doesn't appear to miss the tree at all. We have named her Maple. ;)

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